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At INSYS Group, Inc./Luxoft, improved Efficiency of Daily Release Management Report. Reduced time required to generate the Daily Release Management Report by 84% and increased the accuracy to 100%. Conducted a time and motion study, identified redundancies and probable risk points to replace the previous manual reporting processes with an automated process


At The Judge Group, Made quick turnaround for Monthly Reports. Reduced time required to create monthly report from data by 92%. Analyzed the raw data in Excel and HP-ALM to determine a better process. Linked Microsoft Office products, created and used macros to automatically build pie charts, line and bar charts into PowerPoint Slides for reporting

While at JP Morgan System reduced downtime by 75%. Penalties of up to $75K were charged due to down times up to 12 hours for a software migration problem. Proactively presented a detailed project plan and scheduled commitments for the business, technology and testing groups. 


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